Katrin Freisager, Phenomenon, 2019
Où sommes nous, Kunsthalle Mulhouse, 2019

La Kunsthalle Mulhouse presents in partnership with White Frame, Basel and OBORO, Montréal the group show Où sommes-nous. The exhibition explores the themes of the invisible, passages and memory.
Où sommes-nous offers a multitude of approaches exploring fundamental issues associated with framing, narrative, still and moving images.
The practices of these five artists span performance, figurative and abstract imagery, tying the body to landscape. Brought together, their works articulate common preoccupation concerning perception and desire to both, disrupt and expand the popular imaginary by drawing from avant-garde and feminist vernaculars and strategies.
Curators: Chantal Molleur, Aaron Pollard, Sandrine Wymann

Katrin Freisager, Phenomenon, 2019
For this exhibition, Katrin Freisager presents a 3m x 3m wallpaper mural. The artist set the image up in the natural setting of a forest. The sculptural construction, made up of nylon stockings and branches, merges with its natural environment and, through photography, becomes an element in its own right. This piece blends Land Art and photography.

Katrin Freisager, Phenomenon 2019, Photographic Wallpaper Mural 3 x 3 m
Exhibition View: Où sommes-nous, Kunsthalle Mulhouse, 2019
Curators: Chantal Molleur, Aaron Pollard and Sandrine Wyman 
Photo: Bruno Jericke